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Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Yu Hong at the Book Donation Ceremony at University of Technology Brunei

On October 14, the Chinese Embassy in Brunei donated books to the University of Technology Brunei.H.E.Chinese Ambassador Yu Hong delivered a remarks.The full text is as follows:

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Dayang Hajah Zohrah binti Haji Sulaiman,

Assistant Vice-Chancellors and all friends present here,

Good Morning to everyone.

It is my great pleasure to be here at the library of UTB. Last May, I visited UTB and the library and also talked with the Chinese volunteers who were working at the library at that time. It seems it is only yesterday and time went by fast. Since then, I have met with Vice-Chancellor and Assistant Vice-Chancellor of UTB on different occasions, such as the Awarding Ceremony of Chinese Scholarship for the Year of 2019-2020 and the Opening Ceremony of Huawei Brunei's "Seeds for the Future" Program. It is a great pleasure to be in UTB and meet you again.

Today, the Chinese Embassy in Brunei will donate 307 books and videos which cover China's economy, science,technology,literature,art,tourism and other aspects, including the biographies of some well-known figures, such as Jack Ma of Alibaba, Ren Zhenfei of Huawei, Ma Huaten of Tencent. The books also cover some of the latest scientific and technological achievements in China. I hope that these books and videos will help people to get a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of China.

China is both ancient and modern, with a resplendent history and civilization and strong scientific and technological strength at the same time. As a large country with a 5,000-year-old civilization, China has 53 world cultural heritage sites. China is also a country with great potential in scientific and technological development. It has become a major country in scientific technology and renovation with important international influence. A number of landmark achievements have been achieved. Since 2013, China’s investment in research and development has ranked second in the world in scale. The total number of personnel in scientific research and development and the number of invention patent applications have for 6 and 8 consecutive years respectively ranked first in the world. China has made major achievements in manned space flight, quantum communication, deep-sea exploration and super-computers. China is leading the world trend in the field of high-speed train, mobile payment and e-commerce. Til the end of July 2020, the total mileage of high speed railway has exceeded 36,000 KM, ranking number one in the world. China has started phase-three clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines which is one of the top runners in the world.

At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation in China is stable, and the economic operation has basically resumed. In the just concluded 8-day-holiday of National Day and mid-autumn festival, 673 million tourists were received across the country, 79% of that of last year. China's GDP fell by 6.8% year on year in the first quarter and grew by 3.2% in the second quarter, making China the first major economy to resume economic growth since the outbreak. From January to August, China’s foreign trade volume increased by 3.6% year on year, and foreign direct investment by 6.9%. In August, the three major economic indicators of production, consumption and investment all shifted from negative to positive. The economy is expected to achieve a medium-to-high growth of 5% to 6% in the third quarter.

China and Brunei have a long history of exchanges. The two countries have helped and supported each other both in the fight against the epidemic and in economic development. Brunei has offered sincere assistance to China at our difficult time. After the outbreak of the epidemic in Brunei, China took an active part in Brunei's fight against the epidemic.In the economic field,Hengyi Industry, the largest joint venture between China and Brunei, started its full operation, which has extended Brunei's oil and gas industry chain, created new jobs and played a positive role in the efforts of achieving the goal of economic diversification. The Sultan Haji Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Bridge, with China State Construction Engineering Corporation as a co-constructor, is a new symbol of Brunei's modernization. From January to August 2020, the bilateral trade volume reached US$1.26 billion, a year-on-year increase of 108.5%. The cooperation between the two countries in various fields enjoys a more promising future, and are providing more choices for Bruneian students.

Despite not a very long history, UTB has excelled in various international rankings. My warm congratulations to UTB. With the growing China-Brunei friendship, UTB has developed closer exchanges with China. In the past few years, the Chinese Embassy invited UTB teachers and students to visit China. Last year, 13 UTB teachers and students visited China, including universities in Beijing and Xi 'an. Since 2015, 25 UTB students have participated Huawei Seed’s for the Future Program. In March 2020, Huawei Technologies (B) and UTB set up an ICT Academy in Brunei , which is a part of Huawei’s global initiative to support ICT skills development. I believe that with the deepening of bilateral relations, cooperation between UTB and the Chinese universities and enterprises will be further strengthened and will make greater contributions to Brunei's economic development.

Next year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Brunei.The Chinese Embassy in Brunei, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Brunei jointly organized the Logo Design Competition to commemorate the 30th anniversary. We hope that the teachers and students of UTB will actively participate in the competition and win the grand prize.

Last but not least, I hope the books donated will further help you to know more and understand better about China. May the friendship between China and Brunei last forever.

Thank you.

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