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Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Yu Hong at the Book Donation Ceremony at University of Brunei Darussalam


On December 7, the Chinese Embassy in Brunei donated books to the University of  Brunei Darussalam. H.E.Chinese Ambassador Yu Hong delivered a remarks.The full text is as follows:

Datin Dr. Anita , Vice-Chancellor of the University of Brunei Darusam,

All friends from the university and from the media,good morning!

It is my great pleasure to visit UBD again. Today, the Chinese Embassy in Brunei donates 307 books and videos to UBD in an effort to promote the understanding between of the two countries among the young generation.China is both ancient and modern, with a resplendent history and civilization and strong scientific and technological strength at the same time. As a large country with an old civilization, China has 53 world cultural heritage sites. China is also a country with great potential in scientific and technological development. It has become a major country in scientific technology and renovation with important international influence. A number of landmark achievements have been achieved, such as manned space flight, quantum communication, deep-sea exploration and super-computers. China is leading the world trend in the field such as high-speed train, mobile payment and e-commerce. China has started phase-three clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines which is one of the top runners in the world.Yesterday,two flying sections of China’s Chang’e robotic mission completed a rendezvous and docked with each other before transferring lunar rocks and soil samples to the earth. The donated books cover China's economy, science,technology,literature,art and tourism.The books also cover some of the latest scientific and technological achievements in China. I hope that these books and videos will help the students and teachers in UBD to get a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of China.

The year 2020 is quite a special one.In the fight against the epidemic,the peoples of our two countries have carried forward the traditional friendship, given full play to the Kampong spirit and extended helping-hands to each other. His Majesty sent messages to the Chinese leaders at China’s difficult time. The Bruneian government, social organizations and people took the initiative to donate money for China's fight against the outbreak. HRH Princess Hajah Masna extended support and encouragement to China along with some cabinet ministers at my open-house event. I would like to express my special thanks to the students of the UBD for extending support to Wuhan.After the first case was reported in Brunei, the central government of China, the military and the local governments of China, the Chinese Embassy and the Chinese companies both in China and in Brunei donated medical supplies and fund and provided services to Brunei, joining the efforts of the Bruneian government and its people in their fight against the pandemic. China also provided assistance to Brunei for medical supplies purchased in China.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.In the face of the challenge of the epidemic, the two governments and people of China and Brunei have worked hand in hand to overcome the difficulties. Bilateral relations have made new progress and people of the two countries are more close to each other.I know this from my personal experience.

Early October, my husband and I had breakfast in Chop Jing Chew.When we tried to pay the bill, we were told that our bill had been paid by two Bruneian young ladies sitting next to us.I don't know them, they might know that I am the Chinese Ambassador to Brunei.Their kindness to me is very touching and I take it as the friendliness to China.Today, I share this story and hope to express my thanks to these two ladies through the media.

I am pleased with the growing close cooperation between UBD and China.Since 2015,some students from UBD participated in Huawei Seed Program.From 2016 to 2019, the Chinese Embassy in Brunei invited UBD teachers and students to visit different cities in China. Since the past few years, several UBD graduates have been awarded Chinese scholarships to study in China.Hengyi Industries joined hands with UBD and Zhejiang University for programme needed by the down stream industry development in Brunei.I believe that with the deepening of the bilateral relations, UBD will have more cooperation with Chinese universities and enterprises and will make greater contribution to the relation between China and Brunei.

Former Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited the UBD during his visit to Brunei on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Brunei in 2011.Next year, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary . China will start its 14th Five-Year Plan and implement Long Range Objectives Through the Year 2035.I believe that with our respective efforts and collaboration,the goal of China’s 2035 Objective and Wawasan Brunei 2035 will both be realized.

May the friendship between China and Brunei last forever.

Thank you.

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