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Chinese Ambassador Yu Hong Attended the Signing Ceremony for Protocol on Farmed Aquatic Products Exported to China

On July 19, Chinese Ambassador Yu Hong attended the Signing Ceremony for Protocol on Inspection, Quarantine And Veterinary Sanitary Requirements For Farmed Aquatic Products To Be Imported From Brunei Darussalam To The People’s Republic Of China Between The General Administration Of Customs Of The People’s Republic Of China And Ministry Of Primary Resources And Tourism of Brunei Darussalam.

H. E. Yu Hong witnessed Minister of Primary Resources And Tourism Dato Ali sign the Protocol on behalf of the Brunei government while Minister of the General Administration of Customs of China Mr. Ni Yuefeng had signed on behalf of the Chinese government earlier in Beijing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently 78% of Brunei's exported aquatic products are sold to China. More exports to China are expected after the Protocol enters into force.

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